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                                            24 Sep gO

                            FACT PAPER


PURPOSE:   To provide background info for PAO


- The deployment of thousands of troops to a region thousands of

  miles away.  to a land of a harsh climate and to a culture

  considerably different than that of the U.S. . presented some

  rather challenging health issues.

- CENTCOM's AOR was carefully evaluated by medical personnel long

  before Operation DESERT SHIELD.   Visits to the area by CENTCOM

  medical personnel, participation of exercises in the region and

  consultation with such organization~ as the Armed Forces

  Medical Intelligence Center provided a wide body of up-to-date

  information relating to health hazards that might be

  encountered.   That information was provided to units in advance

  of deployment.

- Proper immunization and predeployment familiarization with

  potential hazards such as heat-related injuries and food/water

  borne diseases were accomplished to minimize any potential

  negative impact on personnel.

- Preventive medicine guidance and outstanding support from the

                            `INC [ASSIFIED

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