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File: 110596_sep96_decls1_0002.txt
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Subject: OPERATION ORDER 3 90 10 JUL 90                                  

Unit: 3D MARINES  

Parent Organization: 1ST MARDIV  

Box ID: BX600016

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 3RD MARINES JUL - SEPT 1990                                                  

Document Number:         29

Folder SEQ  #:          1


                   b.  FRIENDLY


                               (a): 'Regim6n't.'al 'If@adquarter@ will estab-lis@. an NBC
             defense con@r'ol   center'  located 'in the main CP operiti    .on o .,enter.

                               (b)-All subordinate units will be staffed with         NBC
             defensive personnel capable     -  of performing NBC defensive control
             center functions         we   aspr6vi.ding expertise in NBC defen 4i-

                               (c) NBC   -defense p(irs6nnel'will'be available according
             to their organic struct@r6. They will perform NBC defense functions
             to the    extent possible according to their l'ocal SOP and the SOP of
             higher    @6@dq'uarte'.rs.

                   C.  ASSUMPTIONS

                       (1) United States policy on chemical weapons prohibits first
             use by U.S. Forces. Retaliation in kind must be authorized by the
             National Command Authority.

                       (2) That any country which'p6,39esses an offensive NBC'.
             weapons capablility will use them.

                       (3) Once the use of' chemical weapons begin, all of the
             following will be assumed to       be chemical attacks until proven

                            (a) All incom  -inq rounds.
                            (b) Unidentified    smoke or mist.

                       (4).rhe use of smoke,     flame, and incendiary munitions by our
             force  '8 wiil not,be cons  'trued by the enemy as initiation of chemical

                       (5)  T@@ weather   will favor dissemination of chemical agents
             between tke    hours of'a   -uslc and dawn and the terrain will favor
             persistency    of chemical agents.

ssued to'friendly forces
             will provide sufficient protection to allow combat operations to
             conti.2.n@u:e during a.chem'i'cal attack.

                       (7) Ene@y forces will not      employ nuclear or biological

                       .(8@ the' eriemy.forces will use chemical     munitions to repel
             friendly'force@s; Further,,thp- enemy'will: use n6n-:persistent
             chemical agents    'in the issult't6 breach lines of defense and
             persistent chemical'-ii4enti3 i'o fix less mobile units in place          (i.e.,
             artillery', -d'irf ields, Eiuppl:y dumps, headquarters, etc.

             2. MISSIONS.
                  a. Maintain the optimum posture for NBC defense against enemy
             employment consistent with other mission requirements.



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